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In partnership with The Salt Empire, we are so excited to offer these Mawu hoop earrings on Printed Pattern People (for a limited time).

A burst tassel, made of natural threads pressed between two brass hemispheres suspended from an angular hoop with a gold-fill ear wire.

✘ pendant measures: 2" diameter
✘ from top to bottom: 3.25"
✘ brass & cotton
✘ handmade in Portland, Oregon

*chartreuse and the natural/black colorway are exclusive color options, sold only on Printed Pattern People*

Each piece is handmade. Metal markings and shapes may slightly vary from the image shown. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your item as we make to order. For rush delivery please message us after placing your order.



Jewelry General Care
To avoid getting unwanted tangles in your jewelry, always store your necklaces, tassels and dangly pieces vertically from a hook or jewelry stand. It is best to wash, perfume, and hairspray before applying your jewelry. When you adventure with your jewelry, carefully store your piece in the box or ziplock bag it came in, with the clasp or ear wire hanging outside of the seal. We DO NOT recommend tossing your jewelry into the voids of your bag. Don‘t do it. Your jewelry will thank you later.

Jewelry Cleaning (Brass)
Although we typically embrace the natural patina brass brings with time and wear, if you wish to keep your jewelry polished and shiny: Store jewelry in a sealed container or bag. If tarnishing occurs, sprinkle baking powder on a dry cloth and rub clean, rinse and thoroughly towel dry. Jewelers’ cloths and commercial jewelry cleaners will also clean your piece. We cannot be responsible for the outcome of home polishing results. Brass may turn your skin green based on your bodies chemistry. It‘s totally normal and in no way harmful to you.

Gold-Fill & Sterling Silver General Care
All of our earrings are made with allergy tolerant gold-fill or sterling silver ear wires. Gold & Silver can be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a cloth. Jewelers’ cloths or polishing cloths will also remove any residues.

Tassel Care
Travel with tassels stored in the box or bag they came in.
Tassels will get kinked and thrashed if not stored correctly. Revive a weathered tassel with a tiny comb or brush and hang vertically. A spritz of water and a quick comb can bring life back to your tassel jewelry. In the worst case scenarios, stained tassels can be gently hand washed in a mild laundry soap. Contact The Salt Empire for further details.

Repairs & Inquiries
Please email: hello@thesaltempire.com with any questions or jewelry repair requests.


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